Flat & Chunky
Keyco offers two types of Clear Key Rings - Slim & Chunky.

These are pre-moulded transparent key holders into which a full colour print is inserted

Made from high quality acrylic these key rings are scratch resistant and do no break.

Compusafe Chunky Acrylic c
Chunky key Rings

Full Size: 60mm x 40mm (15mm thick)

Print Size: 30mm x 30mm

Sealed with glue so cant be openened

min order 100 units

CV Flat
Flat key Rings

Full Size: 64mm x 40mm (5mm thick)

Print Size: 49mm x 29mm

These clip firmly closed

min order 100 units

Flat & Chunky side on
Acrylic Orange
cv both
Flat key ring